As Simple as a Snowflake

This song, “A Snowflake” comes from the album Float, by Peter Broderick. After days of media about LordeMiley, and Haim (bless all their darling hearts), I could not be more excited to come across this. Every time I listen to this, I feel like I am somewhere absent of time and worry.

Broderick, an Oregon native has been a part the Danish band Efterklang for the past several years, but has recently moved back to the lovely Northwest. His proficiency in the violin, banjo, musical saw, and mandolin, amongst others, has given him the opportunity to be a session musician for artists M. Ward, Zooey Deschanel, and Dolorean.

Many of the songs on this album are a beautiful blend of piano and violin, like in “Something Has Changed”, but then end with an unexpected electronic element. And why tell you about an album that came out in 2008? Well because on October 28th a remastered version of Float is set to be released. It will also include a new version of “Something Has Changed”, which is now “Something Has Remained”. This remastered album will be available electronically, as well as on CD, vinyl, and cassette.

To preorder the new album, go here.

For news on upcoming shows or more about the artist, go here.

Lastly, a cover of one of Peter’s songs done by his sister Heather. I really enjoyed her vocals on this and thought it was worth sharing.

(Just a little side note, if you are reading this and would like us to hear something that you think we may enjoy, please pass it on to us via our submit page, link here.)

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