Today the Color is Grey.

It feels great to find new music and I am usually on the hunt for something interesting to listen to.

So I enjoyed some of Skylar Grey’s previous work, so I purchased her new debut album, “Don’t Look Down.”

(I usually listen to my favorite tracks for a few weeks before finally adventuring to other songs, but I gave the album a solid listen all the through.)

First impressions:

She has an phenomenal voice. Grey’s vocals are both sexy and smooth. She is dynamic and different from many pop vocalists.

Many of lyrics are compelling, shocking, realistic, and horrific. I can respect that completely.

The album cover is both beautiful and captures the mood of the album.

Second Impressions:

Although I do love her voice, specially on her solo version of  “Love the Way You Lie Part III.” Call it blasphemy, but it is better than original. (She wrote the original for the well known duet Rihanna and Eminem)

I wish she had more piano in her songs. A majority of the album is heavily beat driven which is interesting, but I find myself trying to skip back to my favorite tracks.

I do not like the song she did with Eminem on this album. It is amusing, but I just wanted to her sing again-not wait for his part to be finished.

Favorite Tracks to check out:

“Back from the Dead” has interesting lyrics, heavy beat driven, and dark but in a fun manner.

“Love the Way You Lie Part III” It’s almost unrecognizable from the version that was over played on KISS FM, (although that version is also wonderful) but this song evolves into something personal-something someone can relate to.

“Final Warning” I recommend the music video for this one. One of the best tracks on the album. This song is chilling, unapologetic, and fearless. Watch the video here.

Other notable tracks:


“Clear Blue Sky”



Also her single from 2011 is extremely enjoyable, “Dance Without You,” deserves a solid listen as well.


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