A Soundtrack for Life

One of my personal favorite things is that feeling you get when you listen to an epic song. Listening to this song makes your skin prickle, stop what your doing, and even belt out the lyrics like you are a solo artist at an arena tour. Those are some of my favorite moments.

I felt that way about this band I had recently discovered-though they have been together now for years. (Sometimes I can be slow on the draw but I found them that’s what counts.) Depending on your musical preference- this band Lovers Electric has been amazing. I checked out their EP that was released this year-and it’s one of the few reasons I was able to plow through my homework. (The EP was on repeat because I had hours of work to do.) I completely recommend them because the husband-wife duo has two voices that compliment each other while contrasting enough to stand alone on various tracks. I love the lyrics. I love everything about it.

If anything, always try and find music you love- having your own personal soundtrack just makes life fun.

Purchase the bands new EP here.


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