The Unyielding Silence

Sometimes silence is required to maintain sanity.

Life only stops for death, but sometimes we need a moment to pause. When things have became extremely busy it’s easy to forget the beauty around us. It’s nice to just sit and think without any interruptions. The question is how often to fit this into our schedules- some of us do and some us don’t. We don’t make these commitments because of work,school, family,other important life events that take up a majority of our time-and that is mostly okay. Because of bombardment of technology and our continuously busy lives we do not get a moment to breathe- to stop what we are doing and be still. Many people like to stay busy. Though for mental health purposes-not even exactly relaxing- but finding a quite spot to not think for once would be extremely beneficial.

Though I am too busy with homework to do this. Maybe next week…

This is probably why I am completely frazzled.



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