It was time for Riot. But not time for moshing.


I hate moshing.

I can understand the appeal. I really can. But really. I don’t like sharing my personal space with others let alone being crushed in the front rows or be forced into a circle pit. I guess that’s the risk you take when you go to these things. I wish I could be close without the drawback of being completely crushed by rows in the back. I had one disturbing experience in which not only people leaning forward (roughly 31,000 people in the crowd) but simultaneously bother right and left and also people leaning back. I couldn’t breathe and I wanted out. The worst part was people weren’t letting me out of the crowd (whether because they physically couldn’t because there were so many people or whether people are jerks) but I finally resurfaced on the edge of the crowd relieved to be out.

Riot Fest. You are animals. See you next year.

P. S. Port a potty are as awful as my worst nightmare-considering there were + 100,000 people there on Saturday.


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