Sleepless Nights, Daytime Dreams

There have been plenty of times I’ve been lectured about going to bed or about getting up in the morning. I hate it. I know I am not the only one. Though I know if I would just commit to going to bed earlier I would get better sleep and even possibly lose a few pounds. I am not sure what is stopping me. Staying up all night has very few perks- no one is awake and it is just me with my thoughts. Though being alone during the night with little disruption can be excellent for creativity. Besides being creative, going to bed seems like a chore I cannot seem to get through. I like to go to bed when I am finally tired. I wish I could just be tired. It seems like everyone else on the planet is sleeping just fine-while I peer through the dark house like a longhaired owl- peeping around for drinks and snacks while furiously tapping on my laptop.  I know that if I could just sleep normally I would get so much more done in a day- instead of sleeping in and complaining about how early everyone else gets up.  I also would probably be less inclined to have nightmares too. I have asked advice from others and mostly it involves discipline, and a set schedule. I have had this issue since high school, probably even before that. I would stay up late to watch South Park or something and I would sleep in geometry. I could have been a much better student if I knew how to sleep. I am hoping that soon I will be able to walk maybe not in the sunrise, but maybe an hour or so after the sun rises.


Why is it we are more creative in the wee hours of the night? It’s as if our minds know there is nothing better to do than be alone with them. But you know during the day all you can seem to think about is absolutely nothing. I envy the people who sit at coffee shops on a quiet afternoon, looking like they have just written the most compelling line, probably about how magical their life is that they can write compelling stuff….before lunch. The most I could have gotten done in their place was a solid couple hours of people watching. Still, I want to be a night owl and a morning bird. Unfortunately most often than not I am too willing to forfeit an hour or two here or there to do something fun and fight night and day’s battle. Who decided we need to be up during the day anyway?




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