Older and Wiser

The older I get the more I realize that people are pretty much the same. We make the same mistakes, and feel the same pain that others do. One of the pains that seems to be all too familiar with many people is dating or being intimate with others that are unavailable or taken. The unfortunate thing here is that it usually never ends well, it ends in tears so to speak.  Contemplating with my own desires and experiences I have discovered other friends have shared the similar feelings. This could be an affair with a married man or an attractive professor at work. Whoever they might be, they have certainly captured your fancy. I started to wonder why this was a factor in my personal history. Older prospects so to speak or authority figures seemed to have a pattern of my choosing, and I wanted some introspection. I can only speak for myself and my own experiences but it seems to be a linking of a few possibilities: 1) They just having more life experiences 2) Just being forbidden or taboo might be enough to spark attraction 3) Maturity 4) Just general interest in risky behavior. I have found these to be true to myself. I was silly and wish I could back hand myself because of some of the decisions I have made. However, I might be able to help another person who finds themselves at a crossroads who could possibly be more informed than I was, so they knew the possible risks. Though if some one had warned me (I am sure they did) I wouldn’t have listened. Sometimes you have to learn for yourself.

Though sometimes even in a tight spot situation- unlikely things can work out- despite the obvious high probable failure.

Life is funny that way.

But on the other hand, the unattainable object is something hard to pass up for someone who is unhappy or just lacking in moral integrity. And whoever is on the other end jumps right in, just to find they had their eyes closed the whole time. It doesn’t matter if they said they were physically available, come to find out, more importantly they are emotionally unavailable. 



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