The Games People Play

It is no easy task to make friends. Especially when you are socially inept and extremely awkward. Never been invited to a college party, never invited to any high school parties. I was made fun of through school. Kids are mean. But when are adults, you know real adults, like the age you reach when you can rent a car on your own, and your brain is fully formed, still play the same games as we did on the play ground. I am not talking about falling outs with friends, or fights, even being stood up by a potential date. I am talking about these crazy games people play with no rules in sight, and no board to shuffle my piece around in their lives. I just wish that we could be honest with our fellow people, but we cannot. We would rather appear to be nice or PC then just be honest and save ourselves grief. So we are lied to to, and we lie to them. I can’t seem to see how this game is played. I am no player. Maybe I am not that quick. I just might throw a fit and throw the whole board.



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