Expectations: High.

Yesterday we received the news that our rent was going up. Our immediate response was “Are you kidding? We’ll find something different if they are going to raise our rent, just because we are staying another year!”. Of course after a quick realization that our initial reaction is far from what we really want to do, we abandoned thoughts of moving. Not to mention, we really enjoy where we are at.

Later my mom pointed out how minor changes like this make second guess something, but on a good day it wouldn’t be a question. We would have sailed through another year, happily. But because one thing changed, just slightly too, we were ready to make an even bigger change.

And that brings me to another thought, living with no expectations of life. The thought that you need more, or something better, is almost like a disease. It can take over and all of a sudden you are unhappy because you are focused solely on living up to societies expectations of increasing the numbers on paper, so you can increase the square footage of your living space. And all the while, the cost of living still chugs on up. So where is the sense in that?


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