The Faux Friend

It seems like it is impossible to make friends these days. It seems like the possibility of finding a common ground with another human being is very slim. Very slim.

True friends stab you in the front.

We all have had the best friend who is no longer around for some reason, and we can never hold a simple conversation beyond the simple and mundane:

How’s the weather?

How are you?

We don’t really want to know answers to these questions, not really. We just want a means to an end. It’s like when you are talking to a person, and they are only quite because they are waiting for their turn to talk. Who wants to carry on conversation with someone who insists on only talking about themselves?

I digress.

Maybe people are just jaded, or maybe we are all jerks. Maybe our friends live across the country and can’t have coffee and complain about our stupid lives. Though the small things- like being able to talk on the phone with your best friend while blogging, is great, and I am glad I have that.

We should be honest with ourselves, and others, as well as treat the friends we have well.



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