I am safe.

I enjoy my problems, thank you, now please go away.

Worry is a funny thing…the idea of not worrying at all is at first completely aggravating. Why would I stop worrying if there is so much I will not be aware of? Or at least that is what you tell yourself. And so now you are worried about worrying. So what is so wrong about my worries, if I will worry anyway?

If I did not have them would I really be better off?

NO! Of course not!!! I can’t fool myself into thinking everything is fine! That is crazy, you can never be too sure of something.

So I continue, thinking I am perfectly right in my beliefs. But hold on, I don’t believe that…there must be something else here. I am causing myself to worry about things, that I don’t even believe!

So there it is, like everyone else, I am a victim of my own big, bad insecurities. Thank you insecurities, but no more please. I have had enough of the kool-aid.



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