There was a spider sharing my afternoon shower with me.

And I did not like it. 

Though I am not usually fond of spiders, I am usually not afraid of them. This is usually the case as long as they are not: 1) posionous 2) can fly 3) the size of my palm 4) can jump 5) are hairy 6) On my body (this one doesn’t matter about the size or type) 7) following me 8) in my bed 9) in the shower. I guess I could make a longer list than that, but this seems like it covers most of the day to day battle with the common spider roommate. (they never pay their bills on time and like to watch you while you sleep….creepy) Though I have terrible vision, I happened to spot a black blurry dot in the high corner of the shower. Alas, it was a spider. I took a very cautious shower, watching it’s every move. There were a few close calls, like when it moved. I hate it when they move. That sped up my shower time at least by ten minutes. Anyway, it’s still hanging up there probably waiting for me to shower again and lay eggs in my ear while I am shampooing. Image



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