No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

There’s that annoying old saying about how….

No good deed goes unpunished.

Well I find that to be true. I am not completely a pessimist. (Maybe I am, but I am not going to fully admit that.) So. It’s like that sneaky feeling when you pick up a hitchhiker and you know you just made a major mistake, and that soon your family is going to see this stranger’s face on America’s Most Wanted? Maybe that is a bit of a dramatic analogy, but I digress. You see, I am an average, typical, and paranoid person. I will help people at a humble distance and hope for the best. What I never do is invite strangers into my home. Now that I have done exact thing that I decided I wouldn’t do (I am sucker for someone’s sob story- but be careful that will probably get you murdered down the road) and I am alive and well to tell about it. Gratitude is something I am not completely sure a twenty year old girl has in her. Or at least this one. My fiancé and I have decided to help these very young girls out because they seemingly have no one in the world to help them. They have no jobs, no cars, no home, and only have really the clothes on their backs. We put them on our AT&T plan (we already had an extra line on our plan so I could get an upgrade sooner) so they could start calling about jobs. We have heard little to nothing since that day. Not that I should have expected anything more. One day of taking care of these scrappy but pretty helpless girls left me wondering… Am I sucker? Or am I a cold hearted snob?

Turns out I am neither. I help from a safe distance, but only offer what I can afford. Which is fine. I can help and protect myself.


Though I wonder… If they are going to come back and be grateful. 


Don’t hold your breath.




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