Things to make a toddlers day interesting.


Just a quick list of activities to do with a toddler or older, that make a day interesting and adventurous. :)

1. Crazy dance to music (any).

2. Venture to a coffee shop (Starbucks) for a healthy, inexpensive treat…..and coffee…..for you.

3. Weather permitting, park or trail…no leash required. Pick up things to make a craft or collect.

4. Crafts for the bad weather. Glitter glue goes a longgggg way. Once they know how to use scissors, just cutting a piece of paper into a million pieces is amazing fun.

5. Go to the zoo! There are free ones and they are still fun!

6. Picnics! If it’s nice out, just move dinner outside, unless we require proper seating.

7. Take a trip to the library and pick out some books to take home and read!

8. Make some play dough….even if she has some, it’s so fun when it’s warm. You can add glitter to it or food coloring. AND kitchen utensils work just as well as any play dough tools.

9. Last, but not least, CUDDLE TIME= Bonding time. :) Most often than not, a little bit of love goes a long way, like the glitter glue. Hehe.



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