Nostalgia is not always pleasant.


A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.


It has been almost two years since I have been back to my hometown. I went down for my brother’s wedding, but I really wanted to visit with my parents. Things have changed. Somethings have not changed. Either way it is surreal. It is always surreal when I go to visit my parents house.

My parents live on a 15 acre property, in Rineyville, Kentucky. A logging company came in and took some of the trees on their property. The loggers left huge piles of brush, deep indentions in the field, and ripped the fence out. The house is falling apart, the porch is in disarray. The place that I grew up in, the place that I found myself, is no longer that place anymore.

Even though, this will always be my home town, there is nothing left there for me. I have family, which I do want to see, but as far as I am concerned, my life in Kentucky is over. And thank goodness.

As hard as it has been to let go of my life there, it feels okay to let that go. I have lost some important friends, but I have gained some friends as well.

Some of the best people I have met have been because I have moved.

Friends are the ones that let you be yourself no matter what stage in your life.


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