A letter to Gabrielle.

There are some things that just never change.

hey. you, over there. No. Not you. Tap the person behind you. Hi Gaby. It’s Steph.

I read your letter. I was sad. I suck at friendship. I want to be better.

I can seriously think of no one I would rather have here, right now,

on the couch, complaining about the humidity and the lack of things to do in Indiana.

I have letters for you…just no envelops. I am sorry :(

More then anything I…

                                     Wish You Were Here

Friendship is painful and costly. If anyone is worth a cost or pain, it’s you.

We need to make a million dollars so we can visit each other all the time.

I don’t say I love you to many people or often…

I love you.



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