Coffee Date

Letter from Portland.

Dear Stephanie,

It has been some time now since I have written you a letter, mostly because it has been so long since I have gotten one from you. I know we still talk, but it is mostly incomplete thoughts. I wasn’t able to fill you in on the eavesdropped girls coffee date, so I feel obligated to at least summarize it here.

  1. Boy stood girl up. It was further explained that this was not an actual “blow off”, just a matter of circumstances. Either way, happy hour was a success.
  2. A question about siblings. (Obviously we are new friends here) :)
  3. Girl hurt her knee, not sure how. Needs ice. Ouchy.
  4. Something about redheads.

So there is what you missed. The female coffee date is something very interesting, don’t you think? One way or another you always end up talking about significant others, your family, your hair, and your pain. And you magically feel better. Who knows why, I just know it works. How does anyone explain how girls are the exact description of insanity and then a bowl full of cherries the next?


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