Flying buddies


We spend time helping each other fly by the seat of our pants more efficiently. We may even get there faster, just knowing we have someone to spot the landing.


Beg, steal, and rob time.

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The light makes her happy. Tiny wings and things she can keep safe in her careful hands. Warm wind lingering, the chase begins as the first star appears. Floating over blades of grass. Her toes feel the rhythm of earth below … Continue reading

When the temperature drops

20131019-173141.jpgThere is something fantastic about the changing colors of the trees. The air feels crisper and cleaner. It feels like it’s easier to breathe. It’s days like these, I am glad the earth is spinning on an axis and we can experience seasons. Fall is my favorite.


As Simple as a Snowflake

This song, “A Snowflake” comes from the album Float, by Peter Broderick. After days of media about LordeMiley, and Haim (bless all their darling hearts), I could not be more excited to come across this. Every time I listen to this, I feel like I am somewhere absent of time and worry.

Broderick, an Oregon native has been a part the Danish band Efterklang for the past several years, but has recently moved back to the lovely Northwest. His proficiency in the violin, banjo, musical saw, and mandolin, amongst others, has given him the opportunity to be a session musician for artists M. Ward, Zooey Deschanel, and Dolorean.

Many of the songs on this album are a beautiful blend of piano and violin, like in “Something Has Changed”, but then end with an unexpected electronic element. And why tell you about an album that came out in 2008? Well because on October 28th a remastered version of Float is set to be released. It will also include a new version of “Something Has Changed”, which is now “Something Has Remained”. This remastered album will be available electronically, as well as on CD, vinyl, and cassette.

To preorder the new album, go here.

For news on upcoming shows or more about the artist, go here.

Lastly, a cover of one of Peter’s songs done by his sister Heather. I really enjoyed her vocals on this and thought it was worth sharing.

(Just a little side note, if you are reading this and would like us to hear something that you think we may enjoy, please pass it on to us via our submit page, link here.)

Today the Color is Grey.

It feels great to find new music and I am usually on the hunt for something interesting to listen to.

So I enjoyed some of Skylar Grey’s previous work, so I purchased her new debut album, “Don’t Look Down.”

(I usually listen to my favorite tracks for a few weeks before finally adventuring to other songs, but I gave the album a solid listen all the through.)

First impressions:

She has an phenomenal voice. Grey’s vocals are both sexy and smooth. She is dynamic and different from many pop vocalists.

Many of lyrics are compelling, shocking, realistic, and horrific. I can respect that completely.

The album cover is both beautiful and captures the mood of the album.

Second Impressions:

Although I do love her voice, specially on her solo version of  “Love the Way You Lie Part III.” Call it blasphemy, but it is better than original. (She wrote the original for the well known duet Rihanna and Eminem)

I wish she had more piano in her songs. A majority of the album is heavily beat driven which is interesting, but I find myself trying to skip back to my favorite tracks.

I do not like the song she did with Eminem on this album. It is amusing, but I just wanted to her sing again-not wait for his part to be finished.

Favorite Tracks to check out:

“Back from the Dead” has interesting lyrics, heavy beat driven, and dark but in a fun manner.

“Love the Way You Lie Part III” It’s almost unrecognizable from the version that was over played on KISS FM, (although that version is also wonderful) but this song evolves into something personal-something someone can relate to.

“Final Warning” I recommend the music video for this one. One of the best tracks on the album. This song is chilling, unapologetic, and fearless. Watch the video here.

Other notable tracks:


“Clear Blue Sky”



Also her single from 2011 is extremely enjoyable, “Dance Without You,” deserves a solid listen as well.

And The Giraffe

I listened carefully through each track of this album Creature Collector by And The Giraffe and a second listen to Of The Moment brought me to the conclusion that this is the song I would like to share. I really enjoy the way the group experiments with not only the folk inspired electronic dream pop, or so they say, but also the patience of a listener. They did not fill this song with a story book of words, but rather a captured feeling. Looks as if they are planning a new album release in 2014 so you have something to look forward to.

For more music including their previous album, go here. To purchase music by these guys, go here.


Here I Am


Now that fall is settling in on Portland I am looking for music to keep me cozy for the waterlogged months ahead of me. This song by Adam Green and Binki Shapiro is a delightful start. The song to me is timeless and simple. They gracefully blend two contrasting voices to create a nostalgic sound that makes me want to bake cookies and sit and watch the rain.

Though I am personally not a fan of the entire album, this track alone is lovely. And if this does not strike your fancy, you could always explore these artist’s previous projects, Little Joy with Binki and The Moldy Peaches with Adam.

For more about the band, visit here.

A Soundtrack for Life

One of my personal favorite things is that feeling you get when you listen to an epic song. Listening to this song makes your skin prickle, stop what your doing, and even belt out the lyrics like you are a solo artist at an arena tour. Those are some of my favorite moments.

I felt that way about this band I had recently discovered-though they have been together now for years. (Sometimes I can be slow on the draw but I found them that’s what counts.) Depending on your musical preference- this band Lovers Electric has been amazing. I checked out their EP that was released this year-and it’s one of the few reasons I was able to plow through my homework. (The EP was on repeat because I had hours of work to do.) I completely recommend them because the husband-wife duo has two voices that compliment each other while contrasting enough to stand alone on various tracks. I love the lyrics. I love everything about it.

If anything, always try and find music you love- having your own personal soundtrack just makes life fun.

Purchase the bands new EP here.

The Unyielding Silence

Sometimes silence is required to maintain sanity.

Life only stops for death, but sometimes we need a moment to pause. When things have became extremely busy it’s easy to forget the beauty around us. It’s nice to just sit and think without any interruptions. The question is how often to fit this into our schedules- some of us do and some us don’t. We don’t make these commitments because of work,school, family,other important life events that take up a majority of our time-and that is mostly okay. Because of bombardment of technology and our continuously busy lives we do not get a moment to breathe- to stop what we are doing and be still. Many people like to stay busy. Though for mental health purposes-not even exactly relaxing- but finding a quite spot to not think for once would be extremely beneficial.

Though I am too busy with homework to do this. Maybe next week…

This is probably why I am completely frazzled.


It was time for Riot. But not time for moshing.


I hate moshing.

I can understand the appeal. I really can. But really. I don’t like sharing my personal space with others let alone being crushed in the front rows or be forced into a circle pit. I guess that’s the risk you take when you go to these things. I wish I could be close without the drawback of being completely crushed by rows in the back. I had one disturbing experience in which not only people leaning forward (roughly 31,000 people in the crowd) but simultaneously bother right and left and also people leaning back. I couldn’t breathe and I wanted out. The worst part was people weren’t letting me out of the crowd (whether because they physically couldn’t because there were so many people or whether people are jerks) but I finally resurfaced on the edge of the crowd relieved to be out.

Riot Fest. You are animals. See you next year.

P. S. Port a potty are as awful as my worst nightmare-considering there were + 100,000 people there on Saturday.